Hotset introduces Z-System for partial-cyclical cavity temperature control of Injection Molding tools

Hotset System Z control

Hotset manufacturer of heating elements for industrial application has introduced Z-System for partial-cyclical cavity temperature control systems for injection molding technology. Reputable players from the consumer industry and automotive manufacturing are impressed with the advantages of the Z-System. The Z-System was displayed at Fakuma in mid-October, 2018, where great interest was created among the visitors to the trade fair.

An increasing number of injection molders and tool manufacturers are preferring to use this high-speed method to optimize the surface and structural design of their products.

Ralf Schwarzkopf, General Manager of Hotset, reported, “Since the initial introduction barely two years ago, a number of well-known plastics processors have chosen to use our high-speed method for process-integrated surface optimization and wall-thickness reduction of injection molded parts. Reputable big players from the consumer industry and automobile manufacturing also expressed their great interest”. Schwarzkopf, added, “The conversations at the trade fair weren’t only about the visual quality improvements of injection molded parts, but also about the new possibilities of micro-structuring and miniaturization that result from application of the Z-System’.

The Z-System, a technological forerunner for a new generation of highly flexible and dynamic temperature control systems, is a complete solution that is custom-tuned and ready for use, including matching control technology with a color touchscreen. With various hardware and software components, Z-System is integrated in the tool – comparable to a conventional hot runner system. The system, synchronized with the injection molding process, enables the cavities to be selectively or partially heated or cooled with a near record-breaking heating rate of up to 60 Kelvin per second. Professor Dr. of Engineering Paul Thienel speak of a “high-speed temperature control system”. Z-System provides very fast changes in temperature in very short cycles.

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