HMEL selects LyondellBasell’s Spheripol technology for its new Polypropylene plant in India

lyondell-basell-logoLyondellBasell is the world’s largest licensor of polyolefin technologies till date. It has recently announced that its fifth generation Spheripol polypropylene process technology has been selected by HPCL-Mittal Energy Limited (HMEL) for a 500 KT per year plant in Bathinda, India.

Jim Seward, Vice President of Technology Business and Sustainability at LyondellBasell explains the reason for the selection: “Recognized companies such as HMEL select the Spheripol process because of the technology’s low capital and operating costs, broad product capability and excellent operability. Spheripol process has maintained its leadership over two decades through continuous process and product innovation.”

Seward further added: “The selection of Spheripol technology allows customers to enhance and diversify significantly their PP target product portfolio.”

This leading PP process technology, i.e., Spheripol has more than 25 million tons of licensed capacity, and its latest fifth generation is inclusive of remarkable process improvements which further maximize operational efficiency.

LyondellBasell is not only a leading licensor of polypropylene and polyethylene technologies but also has 280 polyolefin process licenses under its bucket.

Apart from Spheripol process, LyondellBasell has an entire diverse portfolio of licensed polyolefin processes and associated technical services includes:

Spherizone – The breakthrough multi-zone circulating reactor provides a unique and innovative platform to manufacture polypropylene products with novel architecture and enhanced properties.

Hostalen – Leading low-pressure slurry process for the production of high-performance multimodal HDPE.

Lupotech – The market leader on high-pressure technology offers, with its high conversion rates and effective heat recovery system, the lowest operating and investment costs for the production of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) copolymers.

Metocene PP – Innovative add-on technology for the production of specialty polypropylene products using single-site catalyst systems, Spherilene – Flexible gas phase process technology for the production of LLDPE, MDPE and HDPE.

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