Hexcel with Gazechim launches joint venture to provide kitting services for Advanced Composite Materials

Hexel and Gazechim kitting services for advanced composite materialsHexcel Corporation and Groupe Gazechim Composites, a distributor of Hexcel for more than 20 years, have launched joint venture HexCut Services to provide pan-European kitting services for aerospace, defense, and industrial applications.

The joint venture company HexCut will offer customized kitting services for advanced composite materials sold to aerospace and defense customers and for high-performance industrial applications. Gazechim will have the majority of the shares of the joint venture.

“This project marks a new era between Hexcel and Gazechim”, said, Jean Guittard, Chairman Gazechim. He further, added, “The joint venture will consolidate our long-term partnership of almost 20 years.”

HexCut Services, the joint venture company integrates the expertise of Hexcel – a leader in advanced composites and Gazechim along with Hexcel’s innovative carbon fiber prepreg and other composites such as adhesives and fabrics for aerospace, defense, and industrial applications. Pre-cut kits offer services to the customers that save time and investment, reduce inventory and minimize material losses through scrap reduction.

The kitting plant of Gazechim, located in Maulévrier, is at a distance of 75km east of Nantes (France). The plant acquired in 2016, will operate as an initial hub for providing pre-cut kits to customers. The plant will also provide central services to a network of local kitting facilities in Europe in future.

“This is a great opportunity for us to join together with Gazechim, a trusted and well-established partner, to offer our leading advanced composite products to customers in a way that helps them become more productive and profitable”, said, Thierry Merlot, Hexcel President – Aerospace, Europe, MEA and Asia/Pacific.

Hexcel Corporation, a leading advanced composites company, develops, manufactures and markets lightweight, high-performance structural materials.

Groupe Gazechim is a leading distributor of composite raw materials throughout Europe.

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