Haitian achieves record sales with more than 35,000 Machine deliveries

Haitan PlantHaitian International Holdings Limited, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of plastic injection molding machines, has achieved a record high performance in all results again in 2017. The company had sales revenue of RMB10,186.1 million, showing an increase of 25.8% when compared to 2016. The Company delivered 35,768 machines worldwide during the year 2017, showing a growth of 21.1% as compared to 2016.

Haitian International’s domestic sales recorded an increase of 25.9% to RMB6,989.4 million (approx. USD1,038 million), far exceeding its industrial peers. The Company also had spectacular results in overseas markets too such as Germany, European countries, India and Mexico etc. The Company achieved a record international sale of RMB2,954.7 million (approx. USD439 million) in 2017, representing an increase of 25.2% compared to 2016.

Sales of Zhafir electrical series reached RMB1,010.8 million (approx. USD150 million), representing an increase of 27.1%, with more than 2,200 machines delivered. The sales of Jupiter Series reached nearly 800 units, amounting to RMB1,323.1 million (approx. USD196 million), representing an increase of 34.7%.

Mars series sales reached to RMB7,072.7 million (approx. USD1,050 million). More than 30,700 Mars machines were delivered to customers worldwide.

Zhang Jianming, CEO of Haitian International, said, “We will actively promote internal process improvements and put “quality first” as a priority in all spheres of our work to enhance the Company’s productivity and efficiency.”

Zhang added, “We believe that leveraging on our strategy of innovation in technology, management and service, as well as matching the national strategy of ‘Made in China 2025’ by the Chinese Government, we will continue to develop, design and manufacture our products with the enhanced opportunities resulting from new technologies in digitalization, automation in manufacturing, and providing customized solutions to our customers through Haitian Smart Solution, striving to create greater value for our customers, shareholders and employees.”

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