Global Toys Market

This infographic shows the global market for toys and expected growth.


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Global Toy Market Overview

The global toys market was $87.4bn in 2015. The market was dominated by plush toys which occupied 23.2% of the share. The topmost growing market for toys in 2015 was Russia with a growth rate of 26%. The toys industry depend upon per-capita spending power. Australia was the top-most country in 2014 with spending of US$ 501.6 per capita annually followed by the UK at US$ 380. If the toys industry is to see robust growth then purchasing power and trends of spending on toys needs to change in India and other developing countries. India had a per capita spending of US$ 6.4 annually on toys.

The primary distribution channel for toys in the market is through speciality stores. The speciality stores occupied 46.5% of the distribution channels. The year 2015 saw a growth in toys trade flow. The United States was the topmost importing markets for toys in 2015 with a worth of US$14.2bn. The second largest importer was United Kingdom with US$ 2.8bn of import followed by United Kingdom at US$ 2.8bn, Germany at US$ 2.7 and France at US$ 2. China was the largest exporter of toys in 2015. It exported toys worth of US$15.6bn. Germany not only a big importer of toys in 2015 but was also the second largest exporter of toys with a worth of $1.8bn followed by the United States at US$ 1bn, UK and France at US$ 0.6bn.

The global toys market is to see a major growth in the Asian region with an expected growth rate of 23% from 2015 to 2019. The factors responsible for growth in the Asian region are increasing purchasing power and the shift in trends of purchasing toys. The toys market can also expect an increasing growth rate from Africa of 12% from 2015 to 2019. The third largest growing market from 2015 to 2019 will be of Europe at 9% followed by Australia (8%), South America (8%) and United States (5%).

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