German start-up share along with KHS develops 100 percent recyclate PET Water Bottle

Share PET Bottle

Start-up share, based in Berlin, is the first beverage manufacturer in Germany to offer its water in PET bottles made from 100 percent recycled material, which received the know-how on the development and design of the bottles from the KHS Group with their know-how from the Bottles & Shapes.

Share has planned to fill water into approximately one million bottles of recycled PET each month, in 2019 to save over 200 tons of plastic waste per year. The supermarket chain REWE and the drugstore dm had the products in retail for several weeks and created a sensation in the media. Iris Braun, Head of Product and Social Projects at share, said, “It was a long journey from idea to realization. The technology and certifications are a long process. For this reason, it depends very much on the partners.”

Marc Eysel, responsible for Sales Region Northern Europe at KHS Corpoplast, commented, “We implemented the development very quickly and worked out the right shape together. With its holistic consulting concept Bottles & Shapes, the system provider was able to bring the experience gained in the meanwhile more than 4,000 designed bottles into the project”.

Eysel, added, “There were no particular hurdles and challenges due to the use of 100 percent recycled material. The production is even easier, Because of the dark coloring of the material, these preforms are easier to heat than the PET bottles made with virgin material.”

In addition to advising on bottle design, mechanical engineer of KHS also helped in production. The bottles are molded on an InnoPET Blomax stretch blow molder. Eysel says that special adjustments to the system are not necessary.

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