French Automotive Plastic Association alerts the automotive manufacturers about serious shortage of PA 6.6

Automotive PA 6.6

The Groupement Plasturgie Automobile (GPA), a member of the French Plastics Processing and Composites Federation is alerting the automotive manufacturers about the forthcoming serious shortage of PA 6.6. The estimated shortage of PA 6.6 is going to create serious difficulty for the manufacturers of plastic parts for the automotive industry. In addition, the price of PA 6.6 has sky-rocketed by more than 40% since 2017.

Adiponitrile, one of the components required to make PA 6.6, is produced from only five sites all over the world, which include one in France, one in Japan and three in the United States. A number of plastics manufacturers have already imposed Force Majeure clause due to interruption in the production of PA 6.6 and introduced quotas on their customers.

Luc MESSIEN, president, GPA, said, “This material has been registered by carmakers for its technical properties, and the processes to approve new materials make it very difficult to find alternative solutions in the short term.”

PA 6.6 is used in parts inside the engine compartment, such as air supply systems, filtration and cooling systems, and in other interior parts, from pedal units to door handles of the automotive due to its special characteristic to withstand high temperatures. In view of this, the plastic automotive suppliers are advising the plastics manufacturers to quickly open new production lines and to secure their supply chain.

Armelle DUMONT, Managing Director, GPA, commented, “The shortages of materials mean that supplies to certain members of the GPA will dry up at the start of 2019, a situation that could put the complete production chain in peril.”

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