France to introduce a penalty system for Non-recycled Plastics

Plastics PackagingFrance pledges to use only recycled plastic for packaging by 2025. To achieve this, the Environmental Ministry is planning to introduce a penalty system by next year for using packaging made of non-recycled plastic.

Brune Poirson, secretary of state for ecological transition, said, “The move was one of several to be implemented in coming years, including a deposit-refund scheme for plastic bottles. Declaring war on plastic is not enough. We need to transform the French economy.” She further added, “Under the new plan, products with recycled plastic packaging could cost up to 10 percent less, while those containing non-recycled plastic up to 10 percent more.”

In order to address the growing problem of tonnes of plastic going into oceans, the government also wants to increase taxes on burying trash in landfills and cutting taxes for recycling operations.

A growing public awareness of the problem is observed in France similar to some other countries as the shoppers dump all the packaging of their purchases outside stores. According to Poirson, increasing the cost of the non-recycled plastic will eliminate much of the excessive packaging.

The magazine 60 Million Consumers reports that France currently recycles around 25 percent of its plastic. Single-use plastic bags have already been stopped in supermarkets unless they can be composted. It is hoped to encourage people to shop with their own bags.

The Carrefour and Leclerc supermarket chains have also decided to stop selling plastic straws in the coming months before the law outlawing them comes into force by 2020.

The European Commission is also keen to cut down the use of single-use plastic objects, announcing in May rules that require the use of alternative materials and offers incentives for businesses.

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