FoamPartner partners with Rinspeed for development of high-quality automotive interiors

FoamPartner PU Foam InteriorFoamPartner has collaborated with Rinspeed for development of high-quality automotive interiors based on polyurethane foam.  This strategic partnership between the two aims at developing advanced concepts for the mobility of tomorrow. Rinspeed developed this concept car called microSNAP which illustrates the immense potential of innovative foam technology for automotive interiors as well as acoustic and thermal insulation.

Kay Kosar, Vice President of the Acoustics & Thermal Solutions (A&TS) global business unit at FoamPartner says: “The automotive world is undergoing radical change. Smart cities, autonomous driving, car sharing and artificial intelligence are all demanding visionary mobility solutions. The growing electrification of road traffic, including the use of information technology and sensor systems in modern vehicles, shows a clear trend towards encompassing and value-added concepts that will provide significant benefits in both transportation and driving experience.”

The microSNAP demonstrates the comprehensive approach by means of a chassis with an electric drive and variable superstructures. It also includes a robotized change station which is targeted at the autonomous local transport of goods and people.

Frank M. Rinderknecht, CEO of Rinspeed AG commented: “The passenger compartment module has all the features required for tomorrow’s smart passenger transport, such as a digital cockpit, a voice assistant and, last but not least, a durable, rugged yet comfortable interior design.”

The microSNAP was presented for the first time this year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and is now making its European debut at the Geneva Motor Show. FoamPartner has specialization in solutions for high-quality along with low-emission and low-odor applications based on polyurethane ester and polyurethane ether foams. These are developed by its Acoustic & Thermal Solutions (A&TS) business unit as well as its Automotive Rolls (AR) business unit for automotive interiors, e.g., headliners, door panels and arm rests.

Engine sound-proofing is important for conventional combustion vehicles. Moreover, quieter electric vehicles have an increased need for reducing the rolling and wind noises transmitted into the passenger compartment. Simultaneously, thermal insulation is becoming ever more important to protect the battery from heat and cold and minimize the energy consumed for heating and air conditioning.

Kosar emphasized: “FoamPartner is a small but extremely customer-focused niche supplier. We offer tailored solutions that make use of our expertise in polyurethane foam materials and processing, through to prototyping. The partnership with Rinspeed fits perfectly in our existing network with other manufacturers and suppliers of the industry, and has already resulted in several further innovation projects.”

Rinderknecht believes:  “FoamPartner is the perfect address for us to implement our ideas for the comfortable passenger compartment of tomorrow. Their application and development engineers share our passion for sustainable innovation and have an excellent sense of the art of the possible in foam.”

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