Foam manufacturer FloraCraft announces the generous thank-you gift of $4 million to employees

Flora Craft Gift

FloraCraft Chairman Lee Schoenherr announced the generous thank-you gift of approximately $4 million to full-time employees, an unexpected surprise in their Christmas stockings during Friday’s holiday lunch.

In recognition of the role, employees have played in building a world-class company in Ludington; the gift will be based on the length of service of the employee. The gift will be in two parts: a cash bonus and a special gift to the employee’s 401(k) retirement account. Employees with more than 40 years of stay with the company are to receive the top gift of up to $60000.

FloraCraft, founded in 1946, a family-owned business, is the world’s leading manufacturer of foam products for the craft and floral industries. Headquartered in Ludington, FloraCraft provides innovative American-made products to its customers: Walmart, Amazon, Michaels, JOANN, Hobby Lobby and other leading retailers.

Schoenherr, addressing his employee, said, “I believe strongly in giving back to the community by supporting initiatives that make Ludington a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family. A few years ago, I began thinking that I would like to do something more targeted for our employees, who really are the heart and soul of FloraCraft. This idea has developed over the past year and is my way of saying “Thank you” to our team for the role they have had in our success. But don’t think this means I’m exiting or selling the business – I love what I do and am committed to maintaining the independence of FloraCraft. .My wife, Joan, and I are blessed in so many ways. We want to share these blessings with the men and women whose energy, passion and loyalty inspire us every day.”

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