Plastic Film & Sheet Export Market – Mexico

Trade Balance

Plastic film & sheet export market of Mexico is expected to see a good growth in coming years. The market growth of plastic film & sheet is driven by high demand in packaging from food and beverages segment. Film and sheets are also used for non-packaging purpose agriculture, health care, pharmaceutical, construction etc. The largest consumer of plastics film & sheet is packaging industry.


As shown the trade balance (export – import) for Mexico film & sheet is negative. As seen from past 5 years Mexico is importing more than what it is exporting. The gap between import & export is increasing year on year basis.

The export in 2015 was worth $289 mn and import were of $1618mn. So the net difference between export – import was of $1319mn in negative. Mexico’s import growth rate is faster than export and the CAGR for trade balance from 2011 – 2015 is 11.39%. So Mexico provides a good market for exporting plastic film & sheet.


Import Share By Material


The import share of material in 2015 was dominated by PVC film & sheet. The share of PVC film & sheet in 2015 was 28%.  It is followed by polyurethane which occupies 25% of import market share.

The other material occupies the rest 52% market share.  Among the others polyethylene occupies 3% of the total import market of film & sheet while styrene occupies 1% of the entire market.

Comparative Advantage

Plastics Insight has analyzed the plastics film & sheet export market of Mexico for comparative advantage for exporting. As shown above in graph, if a country has comparative advantage value above 1 then the  market has the comparative advantage for that country. But the higher the number value (in red color) of a country the easier it is for that country to export plastics film & sheet to Mexico market than the other competing countries.

The country which has the most advantage in exporting film & sheet to Mexico is Dominican Republic (13.2). The other countries having the advantage are Colombia (9.8), Canada (2.6), Italy (2.6), India (2.2) etc. Comparative advantage can also be used as market diversification strategy also.



Total Ad Valorem Equivalents Import Tariff


Total ad valorem equivalents import tariff for top exporting countries are more or less same. The lowest tariff is of US, Canada, Japan, Germany, Italy, Colombia, UK, Spain, Chile & France which is equivalent to 0%.

While China, South Korea, India, Taipei, Dominican Republic is 0.1%.

Mexico Plastic Film & Sheet Market Highlight


– Mexico is now the world second largest consumer of PET bottles


– There is very high consumption of soft drinks & bottled water. The average consumption is two bottles per person per day

Market Opportunity

– There is a tremendous growth opportunity in food & beverage packaging products.  Specific food area such as drinking yogurt and dairy products have a lot of growth opportunity for new players.

–  Exporter can look for new growth area such as health and beauty products which are in great demand.