Evonik develops new radiopaque PEEK material for implant technology

radiopaque PEEK materialEvonik is diversifying its product range of biocompatible high-performance polymers of its VESTAKEEP PEEK brand for medical technology. The company has developed a new radiopaque plastic material of implant quality on the basis of polyether ether ketone.

The specialty chemical company is offering the radiolucent PEEK in implant quality with barium sulfate. This product type facilitates radiographic contrast without the disadvantage of artifact formation. Additionally, the implants composed of the new VESTAKEEP i-Grade PEEK from Evonik are free of getting warmed up during the magnetic resonance tomography.

Evonik’s VESTAKEEP i-Grade PEEK is a high-performance material which has proved itself in the medical field over the years. This product is easy to process and showcases impressive biocompatibility and biostability. It’s used in various applications such as spinal implants, sports medicine, cardiovascular devices, maxillofacial surgery, etc.

The i-Grade PEEK material is being delivered in the form of granulate or semi-finished products like plastic plates or rods. VESTAKEEP i-Grade PEEK with Barium Sulfate has different compound fill rates for different applications needs.

Evonik has more than 50 years of expertise in the development and manufacturing of high-performance plastics.

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