Essel Propack Opens a New Generation Laminated Tubes Factory in Colombia

Essel Propack In ColombiaEssel Propack opens a new modern factory in Cali, Colombia with a capacity to manufacture 180 million tubes a year to cater to the growing demand in the larger South American market. Essel Propack is the largest global specialty packaging company, manufacturing laminated tubes and broad consumer packaged goods products across multiple business segments and units operating across countries such as USA, Mexico, Colombia, Poland, Germany, Egypt, Russia, China, Philippines, and India.

The new facility will have the capability for making Essel’s new generation laminated tubes targeting the high-value Beauty & Cosmetics category along with a Pharma clean room. The facility will meet the growing export demand of the adjacent Andean markets of Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, Chile, etc., besides servicing the strong local demand. Highlighting the strategic move taken by Essel Propack, Ted Sojourner, Regional Vice President, stated in his opening inaugural address “Our new plant investment known as Essel Colombia SAS is a significant strategic event for our continued long-term growth and development here in Colombia, and throughout the South America continent. This facility is built with an infrastructure that will support the future capacity expansions and growth. We have now established our Gateway to South America”. The new facility, with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, will facilitate servicing the rapidly evolving needs of categories like Beauty & Cosmetics, Pharma and Food from reputed local and multinational brands.

Essel Propack functions through 21 state of the art facilities and in eleven countries, selling more than 6 billion tubes with a market share of 36% in volume terms globally.

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