Engel Group launches LIT Pilot Factory in collaboration with partners in Austria

Engel Pilot FactoryEngel Austria GmbH, founded in 1945, a world market leader in the production of injection moulding machines have decided to create a pilot factory for interdisciplinary, platform-based cooperation at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz. The pilot factory is scheduled to be launched next year in collaboration with its partners that include reputed companies like Borealis, Covestro, Erema, FACC, Greiner, Leistriz, Motan, Siemens and others.

Stefan Engleder, CEO, Engel Group, said, “The LIT Factory allows us to test the new possibilities under practical conditions, gather experience together with our partners, continue researching the challenges of horizontal networking, and develop new solutions. One already known challenge is uninterrupted connectivity, for not all participants in the value chain are compatible with each other”. He, added, “A common marketplace will accelerate the development of standards. In the long term, we expect that various marketplaces will become networked with each other and allow for the exchange of data between participants.”

The platform of the LIT Factory includes everything for the value chain from the production of raw materials to the recycling of plastics products that is no longer needed. Closer cooperation of businesses along the value chain is needed to achieve a circular economy that can be designed easily and efficiently in a marketplace.

Engel, the world market leader, and producer of injection moulding machines, launched its first moulding machine in 1952 and introduced a complete Engel injection moulding machine program in 1959. Its business encompasses automotive, teletronics, technical moulding, packaging and medical. Engel has 9 production locations in Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, China and Korea, as well as 29 subsidiaries worldwide. Company has subsidiaries and representatives in more than 85 countries. Engel had a turnover of 1.51 billion euros worldwide during 2017/18.

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