Engel establishes a Decentralised Network of Mould Expertise in its sales regions around the world

Engel Mould ExpertsEngel, headquartered in Austria, a system provider in injection moulding technology is establishing a decentralised network of mould expertise in its sales regions around the world, where demand for integrated system solutions from a single source is continuously growing.

Engel’s head of the new mould department, and the mould manager in China advise customers in developing mould solutions tailored to products and manufacturing processes in partnership with a mould producing partner.

Dr. Christoph Steger, CSO of the Engel Group, said, “Injection mould technology calls for a great deal of coordination and close cooperation between ourselves, as the system solutions provider, and the plastics processors. That’s why it is so important to establish mould technology expertise close to our clients and have contact persons who speak their language. These two factors simplify project management and speed up the start-up of a new manufacturing solution.”

Engel’s mould technology division, with the experience and expertise gained from projects around the world, acts as a consultant on the development of particularly complex new products, mould design and undertake feasibility studies.

As a general contractor, Engel coordinates between system partners and takes on overall responsibility of the project acting as one central point of contact for project engineering, start-up and after sales.

Engel has developed a strong network of system partners, the leading suppliers, that cover a broad spectrum, from simple moulds for standard injection moulding to complex, high-performance precision moulds.

Engel will continue to strengthen its mould technology division in Shanghai to provide services from Shanghai to customers in other Asian countries. It has plans to post mould managers by next year in the production plant in York, PA in the USA serving the North American markets.

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