Engel developing highly cost-effective New Processes for FRP Lightweight engineering

Engel Lightweight Composite TechnologiesEngel, the Austria-based injection moulding machine manufacturer and system solution provider supplies customized manufacturing cells from a single source for highly efficient and cost-effective series production of fiber composite components. The cells is used the automotive industry: innovative composite solutions as well as are gaining popularity in the teletronics and technical molding sectors.

Vehicle manufacturers are facing several challenges for light weight construction. Engel is developing highly cost-effective new processes at its technology center housed in its large-scale machine manufacturing plant in St. Valentin, Austria. The technology center, named as the ‘Center for Lightweight Composite Technologies’ and established in 2012, develops new innovative processes required for FRP lightweight engineering in large-scale production.

The Technology Center, an interdisciplinary research platform, collaborate with development partners that include other companies as well as universities, Engel with a wealth of experience in injection molding processes and a high degree of automation expertise has achieved several internationally significant milestones.

More and more customer projects are applying the newly developed processes in series production and are being applied to. To effectively meet the rising demand, the machine manufacturer set up Engel composite systems. The Center for Lightweight Composite Technologies can now concentrate more fully on research and development.

With Engel as a partner, manufacturers of composite parts have one central contact person from project launch to after sales, even where several companies were involved in developing the processing technology.

Christian Wolfsberger, Composite Technologies Business Development Manager at ENGEL AUSTRIA, said, “We supply turnkey solutions from a single source and help our customers adapt the technology to their specific requirements. This significantly simplifies project management for customers.”

Engel makes use of every future-focused technology for the composite lightweight sector.

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