ENGEL closes sales of 1.36 billion euros with Asia as key Market

ENGEL_Shangai_New_BuildingENGEL, the Austrian injection moulding machine manufacturer, automation expert, and systems supplier, has increased its annual revenues continuously in the last three years. The sale’s revenue of the Group of Companies at the end of March for the fiscal year 2016-17 stood at 1.36 billion euros, 8.6 percent higher from the previous year.

Announcing the annual results at the start of the Chinaplas 2017 trade fair, the directors of ENGEL, said,  “The markets in Asia have played a big role in the success of the ENGEL Group”. Dr. Christoph Steger, Chief Sales Officer, ENGEL, commented, “Asia grew faster than average in the last fiscal year, primarily due to China. On top of this, we are benefiting from the strong momentum in Southeast Asia.”  He further added “At the same time, growth in Europe continues unchecked and demand in North America increases further. The directors of the ENGEL Group expect further growth in the new business year, albeit at a somewhat lower level than in the recent past”.

“Customised solutions are currently our main driving force for growth,” says Steger. “Here, too, Asia, and China, in particular, grow at above-average rates.” Apart from injection moulding machines, robots and other automation solutions, the system solutions tailor-made to meet the requirements of the respective applications include process technologies, peripheral systems, moulds as well as software solutions for digitalisation and networking.

“We will then also have industry know-how available to us for Asia at our site in Shanghai, thereby enabling us to grow our market position in the five business units further,” says Gero Willmeroth, Sales and Service President at ENGEL Machinery Shanghai. “This is an important step in our efforts to strengthen our technological expertise here in Asia.”

Christoph Steger, underlined,“The global trends in manufacturing and increasing process integration or Industry 4.0 mean that we work ever more intensively with our customers over the complete lifecycle of the machines and manufacturing cells. More and more, we are becoming partners in the endeavor of continuous process optimization. We are implementing our new structures to meet the needs of this development.”

“Industry 4.0 is rapidly gaining importance here in China,” says Willmeroth. “The major international players have been tackling this issue for a long time and have first successes to show. Many other companies still find it difficult to deal with digitalization and networking. This is where we see our role to support our customers with their very special problems to enable them to make full use of the fourth industrial revolution and to accompany them on their road to becoming smart factories.”

ENGEL has realigned itself completely in Southeast Asia and established a regional hub in Bangkok to this end. Steger, said, “The new structure has already produced successes. We have been able to strengthen our position in Southeast Asia further in the last months.”

The new spare-parts store started work in May. “We now have spare parts worth 8 million euros in stock on site in Southeast Asia,” says Steger. “We can deliver stock parts to the important industrial centers of the ASEAN region within 24 hours.”

ENGEL is currently investing more than 100 million euros per year in the extension and modernization of its plants. One of its largest projects worldwide is the expansion of its headquarters in Schwertberg. Additional space of 10,000 square meters has been erected in the southern part of the premises. It includes offices, a childcare center for the children of staff members and an even bigger and more modern apprenticeship workshop. In the next step, the production shop at the northern end of the factory site, built in 2013, will be expanded and a new customer technology center built.

“Building work in Shanghai progressed well over the winter,” says Willmeroth. “We plan to inaugurate the new production hall together with our customers and partners in September.” A new apprenticeship workshop has also been built in Shanghai as part of the expansion project.


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