ENGEL, Austria to demonstrate on small lot sizes production with Efficiency and Economy of large series

Engel production cell with the easix robotENGEL, one of the leading companies in plastics machine manufacturing, has planned to show at the Fakuma 2018, from October 16 to 20 in Friedrichshafen, Germany, three premieres with a highly integrated production cell to manufacture two-part callipers using ABS.

Engel will demonstrate for the first time a fully automated solution for the very rapid switch of mould inserts. ENGEL will be introducing the new size 120 of the all-electric and tie-bar-less e-motion TL series capable for a clamping force of 1200 kN. In addition, ENGEL will present the expanded functionality of the e-flomo electronic temperature-control water manifold.

ENGEL, in coordination with Braunform (Bahlingen, Germany) and other system partners, will present a system solution for a fully automated switch of the mould inserts within just one minute. The ENGEL e-motion 170/120 TL injection moulding machine is designed with a mould that includes the fast-switch mechanism patented by Braunform.

To explain the capabilities of the new solution, two components of the calliper with different geometric configurations will be produced in quick steps one following the other. The injection moulding machine, just after three shots, gives a signal to the integrated ENGEL easix articulated robot that the lot has been completed and unlocks the mould inserts. The new process, from the usable part to usable part, takes only one minute. The injection moulding machine communicates with the periphery via authentig, the MES of ENGEL subsidiary TIG.

An extremely compact layout of the production cell with the easix robot at its centre will be the main attraction at Fakuma. The robot handles mould inserts and components, the marking of injection-moulded parts and their assembly, and the removal of the callipers from the production cell.

ENGEL, Leonhard Kurz (Fürth, Germany), Schöfer (Schwertberg, Austria) und Isosport Verbundbauteile (Eisenstadt, Austria) have jointly developed foil melt technology that allows for thermoforming, back-injecting, and punching out in quick sequence.

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