ELIX Polymers New Material Blend for Weight Reduction in Automotive Applications

automotive-pictureELIX Polymers has developed a new generation ABS/PC blend ‘ELIX Ultra HH 4115 HI ABS/PC’, which  can reduce the weight in comparison to PC/ABS through lower density.

New generation ELIX Polymers Ultra HH4115HI ABS/PC material offers a number of advantages such as 5% lower density, low emission, and odor, high flowability rate to reduce cycle times to produce more parts per hour, very high impact strength, excellent processability and very good paintability. Furthermore, there is significant cost saving possibilities due to better painting performance and reduced scrap rate of Ultra HH 4115 HI vs PC/ABS. These improvements are in line with the features, the automotive manufacturers are looking for.

Several Automotive OEMs has tested and approved the ELIX Ultra HH 4115HI. BMW approved it according to GS93016 ABS+PC heat resistance. AUDI tested positive emissions, odour, and the material is considered as very suitable for lower instrument panel parts, centre console parts and door panel parts according to TL52231. GM recently approved Ultra HH4115HI under GMW15572-T4. Further tests and approvals at other OEMs are on the way. Tier suppliers have shown their interest in this new ABS/PC grade and many projects are running with the new grade.

The new development has a wide range of target applications. These include door panel parts, instrument panel parts, centre console trim, seating parts, interior and exterior pillars, luggage compartment trim, etc. As with other grades of ELIX Polymers, the pre-coloured material in OEM colors is possible as are tailor-made solutions with special additive packages for very demanding part requirements.

ELIX Polymers, Spain has over 40 years of rich experience producing engineering plastics used in numerous industries is one of the world’s top suppliers of high-performance acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and polycarbonate/ABS (ABS/PC) polymers.

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