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Growing global B2C (business to consumer) e-commerce market and with more B2B (business to consumer) buyers making purchase decisions online have made it imminent  for companies to strategies their emarketing.

With challenge such as B2b buyers short of time, looking for customized experience and intense competition from competitors make it necessary to channelize your e-marketing effort to meet their expectations. The  strategy should focus on creating solid brand awareness, engaging the prospect and converting them.


B2C (Business To Consumer)   Plastics Industry Ecommerce Opportunities

Top Ecommerce Countries (2014)


China Flag China                   $ 538 bn


US FlagUnited States      $ 483 bn


United KingdomUnited Kingdom  $ 169 bn


Japan FlagJapan                    $ 136 bn


Germany FlagGermany              $   95 bn


B2B (Business To Business)   Trends To Follow For Your E-Marketing

Searches Prior To EngagingSearches prior to engaging

On average, B2B researchers do 12 searches prior to engaging on a specific brand’s site.


Buyer Use GoogleBuyer using Google to research

73% of traffic on B2B sites originate from search engines.


Buying DecisionsB2B buying decision process

Business buyer contact supplier only after 57% of buying decision process is over. That means they form their opinion & narrow their target supplier from the content that is available on the web.

B2B Researcher Using InternetB2B researchers using the internet

89% B2B researchers are using the internet for their research process.

Source : Google, Forrester Research

Track the trends to prioritize your B2B E-Marketing Strategies