DS Smith Plastics invests €2.6 million in the Injection Moulding Plant in Belgium

DS Smith, the packaging specialist, has invested approximately €2.6 million in the injection moulding plant in Bilzen-Belgium to add four production lines and 50% increase in production capacity. Bilzen’s plant, now, has the newest generation energy-efficient injection moulding machines, which are 40% more energy-efficient and the very best IML (In mould labelling) robots available in the market. The plant has optimized its production flow by installing a new internal raw materials supply system and a new plant layout. This new investment in the facility, allows Bilzen to continue to build the foundation for continued growth in the injection moulding products market for DS Smith Plastics.

Paul Baeyens, Managing Director of Plastics’ Injection Moulding business segment, commented,“As a specialist in beverage crates and pallets, we increased our capacity in anticipation of expected customer and market growth. This is why we are investing in the newest generation of injection moulding machines. The investments will allow us to grow even further in other products for markets such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, agriculture etc.”

“We are committed to giving our customers the best possible service, and in order to do so, it is crucial that we are equipped with the right capacity and the latest technology. Our strength is being able to quickly adapt to our customers’ requirements, for both large and small projects,” concluded Mr. Baeyens.

DS Smith is a global market player and a provider of plastics beverage crates and pallets for more than 50 years. DS Smith Plastics’ is servicing customers in Europe, Africa, Asia, North America and South America through its Injection Moulding plants, strategically located in Belgium, Poland, Spain, and Croatia.

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