Dominion Colour Corporation merges with LANSCO Colors

ColorsDominion Colour Corporation (DCC), leading manufacturers of high-performance pigment and LANSCO colors (LANSCO), market leading supplier of quality pigments have to announce their merger.

This merger will see combine strength of both the companies and provide a broad portfolio of color pigments along with technical expertise to their customers globally.

Individually, DCC provides innovation in pigments, dispersion & preparations for coatings, plastics & ink manufacturers across 70 countries. Whereas LANSCO is the most trusted & customer focused supplier of high value and consistent quality pigments.

Dr. Mark Vincent, C.E.O, Dominion Colour Corporation stated on this merger, “Together, we bring a broad product portfolio to the market with a unique value proposition,” also added, “We look forward to working closely with the experienced team at LANSCO so that all our customers see our unique ability to provide the right solution for their needs.”

Donald Greenwald, C.E.O. / President, LANSCO Colors also said that“as a combined entity, we will be able to offer customers significant synergies and benefits of scale. Together, the capabilities of our companies will create one unified team, dedicated to providing innovative and value-based solutions for customers worldwide.”

He also added, “Each of us brings our own complementary strengths. By combining to create a broader global pigment provider, we will offer a range of organic & inorganic pigments, dispersions, and preparations that will be unmatched in the industry.”

Mr. Greenwald and the management team of LANSCO would continue with the merged company in future.

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