Datwyler Improves its Sealing Solutions With Acquisition of German Molder Ott Injection Molding

Ott otcDatwyler has taken an initiative to improve its sealing solutions by acquiring Ott, the German company having expertise in injection moulding with thermoplastic and liquid silicone. Ott consists of Ott GmbH & Co. KG and Ott Geschäftsführungs GmbH and is based in Cleebronn, Germany.

Datwyler signed an agreement to take over the company Ott on 9th August and is going to conclude the deal in the beginning of September. The acquisition of Ott, Germany will help Datwyler to add value to its products and technology to tap into a new niche market with opportunities for growth.The Group is one of the leading high-service distributors of electronic, ICT and automation components and accessories in Europe. It offers custom sealing solutions to global market segments, such as the health care, automotive, civil engineering and consumer goods industries.

 Injection moulding – The strong technical expertise of Ott, Germany

Ott, founded in 1989, has exceptional specialist expertise in toolmaking and producing injection-moulded parts made from thermoplastic and liquid silicone using single- and multi-component technology. Ott has a strength of 200 people and generates an annual revenue of about CHF 33 million.

Opportunities for new niche markets 

Datwyler would have greater chances to tap new niche markets with growth potentials. The acquired injection moulding technology with thermoplastic and liquid silicone using single- and multi-component would add value to its products and services. With the diverse processing methods of silicone and thermoplastic, Datwyler gets new attractive opportunities in various industries. It will enable Datwyler to increase its technological strength and satisfy specific customer requirements. The company will also be in a position to offer novel solutions to its customers with its existing technologies along with the technology acquired with the acquisition of Ott.

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