Danica Foods Moves to SuperLock® Pots for Packing Jam

SuperLock® Pots JamAfter partly switching from glass to plastic, Danica Foods, a Swedish food producer, has chosen RPC Superfos’ SuperLock® pots for packing its private label jam. The jam is for a major supermarket. Its new packing will cut the peril of product contamination as well as help in reducing energy costs.

SuperLock® pot is an injection moulded polypropylene pot which has oxygen barrier protection that acts as a lightweight, advanced alternative for the jars used earlier. Danica Foods’ CEO, Jörgen Lindberg said that the lightweight pack provides additional benefits such as reduced noise on filling line and elimination of the risk of product contamination by slivers of glass.

Jörgen Lindberg stated, “When the jam is finished, the practical plastic pot is useful at home for storing other kinds of food and you can also put it in the microwave.”

He added, “Roughly, in terms of packaging units, four incoming trucks with empty jars equal one single truck with empty SuperLock® pots. Outgoing trucks with SuperLock® filled with our jam weigh approximately 9,000 kg less than a truck with filled jars, which means logistical cost savings. Here, we use our energy resources for transporting goods – not chiefly heavy packaging.”

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