Covestro With Right Mix of Materials Makes Intelligent And Comfortable Wearables Possible

WearablesWearables are flat, flexible and inconspicuous and small electronic devices that are affixed to the skin like a patch. Consumers get intelligent support from wearables while taking part in sports and leisure activities or treating medical conditions. Soon wearable may play a role in the workplace, for example in hospitals, industrial facilities, and businesses.

Wearables are very useful in safeguarding the health and well-being of their users. They can determine the level of physical fitness, measure body temperature and pulse rate, and evaluate the quality of sleep. Improved and smarter products are expected in future that will play important supporting roles in medical diagnoses and treatments, and even deliver medications in accurate dosages.

Unique features of Covestro’s wearable products

Covestro’s wearable products cling gently to the skin and are very comfortable to wear for extended periods. Covestro is actively involved in the development of integral and sustainable material solutions to make the wearables more comfortable to wear.

Covestro offers custom-tailored polyurethane (PU) raw materials. Covestro’s products embed the sensor in the patch, by using thermoplastic processing technologies. “Consumers want wearables that cling gently to the skin, and that are also breathable and hypoallergenic,” says Gerd Büschel, a films expert at Covestro.

Covestro is an expert trendsetter for materials and process technology.

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