Covestro commissions its first wind turbines with Blades made up of Polyurethane infusion resin

Covestro Polyurethane Blade

Covestro, the world’s largest polymer companies, has commissioned its first wind turbines with wind blades made of polyurethane infusion resin. The successful commissioning has enabled Covestro to commercialize polyurethane infusion resin as a key material, which will provide a new direction for the manufacture of longer, stronger wind blades demanded by the wind power industry.

Covestro has fabricated the 2MW wind turbine, model WB113-PU, with blades having spar cap and the shear web of the 55.2 meter-long that are made with polyurethane infusion resin. Liaoning Datang International New Energy Co., Ltd. operated the recently installed turbine at a wind farm in Tieling, Liaoning Province, Northeast China.

“The successful installation of the pilot turbine in Northeast China is recognition of the strengths of our polyurethane infusion resin and demonstrates that it is ready for use in operational wind blades”, said, Julien Guiu, Vice President Industrial Marketing APAC, Polyurethanes Business Unit, Covestro. He, added, “ We hope that this gives a strong signal to our industry partners to manufacture and install longer, stronger wind blades.”

To meet the growing demand for taller, longer wind blade designs, Covestro has developed this polyurethane infusion resin solution for manufacturing the wind blade with the participation of its R&D teams around the world along with the value chain that included blade manufacturers, turbine manufacturers, glass fiber producers, machine suppliers, and blade designers.

“With the wind turbine now installed at wind farm in China, we are able to test the operational feasibility and stability of the wind blades in different wind conditions. This will provide valuable data that can inform new blade designs, and take us to the next stage in contributing to the advancement of renewable wind energy”, commented, Julien Guiu.

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