Covestro collaborates with Leister Technologies to develop laser welding solutions for electric vehicle battery enclosures

Covestro Laser Welding for Battery EnclosuresCovestro LCC and Leister Technologies LCC have joined hands to develop process and material solutions for laser welding fluid-cooled battery modules used in electric vehicles such as new passenger vehicles, electric buses, trucks, and other utility vehicles.

Laser welding is preferred in comparison to other techniques as it permits larger parts, does not require a pre-treatment and offers high-precision, repeatability, and control.

Fernando Santillana, senior project manager – Midwest, East Coast, Caribbean, and Latin America, Leister Technologies LLC, said, “This joining technique provides the accuracy needed for welding in tight locations and around other components in fluid-cooled systems.”

Covestro and Leister Technologies have popularized the use of laser welding technique by using opaque flame-retardant Bayblend PC+ABS blend supplied by Covestro, which is able to achieve the same level of weld strength. Flame-retardant plastics help in preventing or delaying the spread of fires and therefore are preferred for battery enclosures.

Terry Davis, principal engineer, Covestro LLC, commented, “Using Bayblend FR3010 PC+ABS blend, we developed effective and reliable laser welding solutions for production-ready battery modules that can withstand battery abuse testing, including UN38.3. With this material, battery manufacturers can create reliable and leak-free battery enclosures.”

The opaque Bayblend FR3010 PC+ABS blend have features that offer a variety of benefits, including high-impact strength, chemical and hydrolysis resistance, thermal stability, and a good balance of high-heat distortion and physical performance.

Covestro LLC, one of the leading producers of high-performance polymers in North America is part of the global Covestro business.

Leister Technologies LLC, headquartered in Chicago and a subsidiary of Leister Technologies AG,  supports the sales and service of Leister’s full line of process heat, plastic welding, laser, and microsystem products across North America.

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