Covestro and EconCore collaborates to develop strong and lightweight composites

Covestro and Econcore Honerycomb Panel

EconCore N.V. and Covestro are collaborating by integrating their technologies to produce strong and lightweight honeycomb panels with outstanding performance complying with Fire, Smoke, Toxicity (FST) requirements for public transportation applications, including railway and aerospace.

Having developed and tested a wide range of polycarbonates and -blends with specific grades complying with the FST performance criteria laid down by aviation, Covestro is currently developing a range of lightweight thermoplastic composite solutions under the brand name Maezio. A unique manufacturing process has been developed and patented by EconCore to produce ultra-light honeycomb structures economically, with a high variety of material combinations.

Under the collaboration, the two companies are aiming to optimize the FST performance of honeycomb panels to meet the requirements of a variety of applications. This would need a selection of the right combination of polycarbonate grades and composites for the honeycomb core and skin and at the same time adapting the parameters within EconCore’s honeycomb technology.

An independent institute is carrying out the FST tests on semi-finished, laminated honeycomb panels. The results are very encouraging even at this early stage of development. The sandwich-panels with different material and technology combinations have been produced and evaluated, fulfilling critical tests of EN45545 or FAR25.853 standards for various applications. Currently, the positive results of the preliminary FST tests are under verification with different material combinations.

Klaus Kraner, responsible for mass transportation applications in the Polycarbonates segment at Covestro, said, “The outstanding manufacturing process of EconCore allows tailoring our materials into lightweight sandwich panel solutions for our customers.”

Arne Böttcher, responsible for market development of the Maezio brand in the EMEA region, said, “The sandwich technology of EconCore is especially interesting for lightweight applications Covestro is targeting with Maezio.”

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