Cosmo Films Collaborates with HP Inc. as an HP Indigo Pack Ready Film Supplier

Cosmo Films collaborates with HP Inc.Leading specialty BOPP films manufacturer, Cosmo Films, recently declared that HP Inc. has approved it as an HP Indigo Pack Ready film supplier for ground-breaking HP Indigo Pack Ready ecosystem.

HP Indigo Pack Ready is a series of post-print converting solutions which are manufactured, patented and licensed by HP.The aim of the set is to increase the Indigo digital print’s value for packaging and labels.

Pack Ready Lamination is the first solution, which offers “zero cure time” lamination and rapidly forms a strong connection between Pack Ready laminate film and HP Indigo digitally printed substrate. This allows digital converters to laminate, print and pack when needed for instant time to market.

Cosmo’s Pack Ready films from Cosmo promise high lamination bond strength, while allowing maximizing digital printing’s environmental score card. The reason benign solvents are included in the lamination process.

Cosmo US operations’ PresidentMr Sandeep Dutta stated, “Our association with HP goes back a long way when we developed the HP Indigo HPI DP label film, suitable for digitally printed labels. Our strength as the global leader in thermal lamination films, our global distribution reach and our focus on customized innovation helped us to be brought on board as a supplier for this landmark innovation.”


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