Coperion launches the new Traveling Equipment Display (TED) in the USA

Coperion Bulk Material HandlingCoperion and Coperion K-Tron has launched the new Traveling Equipment Display (TED), which travel directly to bulk material handling facilities across the United States to provide the latest solutions for feeding, pneumatic conveying, complete systems, components, and extruders right to the customer’s doorstep.

The new system is free of charge offering hands-on learning demonstrations. The system establishes direct contact with a factory representative to answer questions and discuss specific applications. Several video screens are fitted with the TED system to present all the latest information from the Coperion.

Several types of feeders including a twin screw feeder are fitted on the traveling equipment display that can be switched out to a single screw by simply exchanging the feeding module. Easy material changeover and cleaning can be done with the changeover concept available in the TED system. Smart Weigh Belt feeder and the unique Bulk Solids Pump feeder are installed on the truck.

Coperion’s top-selling diverter valves capable of viewing the internals of the valve and easy demonstration of the technological advances in the valve design are fitted on TED. An innovative full extraction system on the ZRD rotary valve allows easy withdrawal of the rotor and offers complete access to the interior of the valve.

ZZB, the smallest valve offered by Coperion, will also be on display showing its capabilities for easy cleaning, small capacity dosing, and metering and it’s high sanitary standards. Seals, gaskets, and bearings along with a vacuum sequencing receiver demonstrating Coperion K-Tron’s wide range of pneumatic conveying equipment are easily viewed with the help of a sectioned rotary valve provided on the system.

Companies, within the regions in the continental USA, can be visited on request.

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