Constantia Flexible develops a new environmentally friendly Packaging using Grass

GrassConstantia Flexibles, the world’s fourth-largest producer of flexible packaging, has developed an environmentally friendly packaging using paper made from the renewable resource grass and without bleach or other chemical treatments and with very limited water consumption. This packaging replaces plastic and can be recycled in the same way as all other conventional recyclable paper products.

Stefan Grote, Executive Vice President of the Food Division of Constantia Flexibles, said, “We are constantly working on developing environmentally friendly packaging. With grass, we are making use of a resource that is both renewable and recyclable. Our testing shows that this innovative product can be utilized in the food industry, a demanding market segment, in particular as packaging in a number of different ways for chocolate.”

With 40% sun-dried grass and 60% FSC-certified cellulose, the grass paper is made of 100% renewable, recyclable, and naturally-grown raw materials. Constantia Flexibles adds a barrier and converts natural grass paper into a packaging material that meets specific packaging requirements, such as aroma tightness. The focus is on maintaining the material’s natural character.
Stefan Grote, “First, there is the visual and haptic experience, which provides our customers with numerous marketing opportunities that showcase how the product is entirely in tune with the time.”

The customary levels of productivity of the existing machines remain unchanged when switching to natural grass paper. Furthermore, this material is a cost-effective alternative to synthetic materials. Stefan Grote said “A truly promising and forward-looking material.”

Based on the guiding principle of ‘People, Passion, Packaging’, manufacture tailor-made packaging solutions at 32 sites in 18 countries. Many international companies and local market leaders from the food and pharma industries choose the sustainable and innovative products of Constantia Flexibles.

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