Colgate-Palmolive goes for Total Recyclability of Plastics in all Packaging by 2025

Colgate Pamolive SustainabilityColgate-Palmolive has decided to go for 100 percent recyclability of plastics in packaging for all its product categories by 2025. The company is very close to achieving its 2020 packaging sustainability goals with its concerted efforts that have already made to 98 percent level with the PVC-free packaging of all its products.

Colgate is proud to highlight the achievements made by it in fulfilling the commitments stated in its 2017 Sustainability Report, titled “Building a Future to Smile About.”

Some of the initiatives taken by Colgate include its efforts in water conservation. Colgate reduced its water use per ton of production by nearly 47 percent in comparison to water consumption in 2002. Colgate pursued its ‘save water, campaign in over 70 countries. Its message “Turn Off the Tap When Brushing,” reached nearly 3 billion people.

Colgate’s oral health education program has touched nearly 1 billion children since its launch in 1991. The new goal is to reach 1.3 billion children by 2020. The Company supports the UN Global Compact and principles on human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption, and endorsed the UN CEO Water Mandate. Colgate has surpassed its 2020 science-based climate goal of reducing absolute greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing by 25% in comparison to 2002.

“With the help of Colgate People and our suppliers and partners, we are making good progress against our 2020 goals”, said, Ian Cook, Colgate’s Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer. He added, “But our sustainability journey is on-going and as we achieve some of our goals, we are assessing new areas for focus and new targets to strive for so that we can continue building a future to smile about.”

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