CMJ, the KraussMaffei customer, adopts new business model: Rent-it

Krauss Maffei CMJ Rent It Model

CMJ Kunststofftechnik, a young, aspiring company in the region of Freyung-Grafenau in Lower Bavaria/Germany, has adopted the new business model: Rent-it. CMJ Kunststofftechnik is setting store by the KraussMaffei Rent-it business model. The company has decided to rent instead of buying the new all-electric PX 80-380 injection molding machine, which is state-of-the-art, more flexibility in production and reliable financial planning.

Christoph Eder, founder and Managing Director of CMJ, said, “The new Rent-it offer from KraussMaffei is ideal for our purposes. It provides us with the opportunity to always be in step with the state of the art and to offer our customers the best production opportunities on affordable terms. This is a great advantage.”

According to the new business model, the new all-electric PX 80-380 injection molding machine with a clamping force of 800 kN can be taken on lease for initially three years. The customer has the choice to extend the contract, keep the machine or conclude a Rent-it contract for a new machine. Customer, after gaining the experience over the past years, has the option to change to another machine, for example a greater clamping force, or to book additional technical options.

Replacing an old hydraulic injection molding machine with an all-electric PX 80 at CMJ,  the changeover to the new all-electric injection molding machine will pay off very quickly by the saving in energy consumption due to the improved energy efficiency of the new machine.

Eder, explained, “We often receive orders with order lead times of just a few years. If we purchase a new machine for this purpose, we must then utilize it to its full capacity. With the Rent-it model, we can flexibly hire the production capacity only for the required period.”

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