Celanese Develops New Eva Polymers for Medical Bags and Tubes

celaneseCelanese Corporation is to display enhanced versions of kink-resistant ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) copolymer formulations at the Medical Tubing 2016 conference. The new polymers are aimed at serving the single-layer medical tubing applications.

The conference is to be held in Woburn, Mass. The company will emphasize the benefits of EVA polymers for medical bags and tubing in comparison to PVC materials.

Celanese’ product development chemist, Bin Zhang stated, “While PVC is still prevalent in the bag and tubing market, medical OEMs are looking for alternative materials. EVA polymers do not require plasticizers and there are no leachable or extractable concerns. Celanese’s Ateva® G EVA polymers have been widely used in total parenteral nutrition bag applications to support the efforts of major OEMs who want to achieve 100 percent non-PVC nutrition bag sets.”

Verghese Thomas, Celanese’ chief technology and innovation officer, affirmed, “Celanese continues to invest in EVA polymer technologies and material sciences critical to our medical and pharmaceutical customer’s needs. Our EVA polymers are customized to meet critical internal quality parameters and are further supported by Celanese’s technical know-how to create solutions for our strategic customers.”

Tubing configurations, in terms of design and production, are turning out to be more complicated; highly complex multi-layer, multi-lumen and micro-bore designs, for an instance. The company said that these, therefore, are needed to be produced to very high tolerances as well as at greater throughputs. Thus, these will ensure cost-efficiency. The conference will have experts to converse on development and refinement of extrusion technologies, which could help meet such challenges.

Celanese’ Zhang will speak on the potential of EVA to act as a solution for developing kink-resistant EVA formulations. During the presentation, Zhang will focus on detailed explanation on production of kink-resistant EVA formulationsto meet the demands of medical tubing applications.

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