Carolina Color gets U.S. patent for G3 solid color pellet technology for Plastic Processors

Drinking StrawCarolina Color Corporation gets the U.S. Patent from Trademark Office for its G3 color pellet technology for plastic processors. G3 is an established technology in a wide range of applications such as packaging, housewares, lawn & garden and many more.

Jeff Smink, Chief Operating Officer of Carolina Color Corporation, said,  “G3 is a great example of Carolina Color’s ability to create truly disruptive technologies providing our customers with genuine competitive advantages and the reason we were granted a patent for this technology. We anticipate continued growth of this G3 technology moving forward into 2019.”

G3 technology has a number of attributes that include versatility in any resin system, can obtain 20 percent or more increased pigment loading levels in polyethylene and polypropylene without affecting pigment dispersion.

It can achieve formulations with 40-45 percent loading of dyes in HIPs, PET, Nylon, Crystal Styrene and Acrylic; and can offer formulations with 50 percent or more pearlescent pigment, nearly doubling the earlier industry standard of 30 percent.

Customers of Carolina in North Carolina and Ohio can get full-service production capabilities and complete laboratories for color matching, testing, and analytics.

Ability to innovate and maintaining strong relationships with the finest suppliers of resins, pigments, dyes, and additives are the core strengths of the company.

Carolina Color is a family business founded 50 years ago that manufactures color concentrates for the plastics industry from two of its locations in Salisbury, North Carolina, and Delaware, Ohio.

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