Bulgarian Plastchim-T Acquires World’s Largest BOPP Line

Plastchim-TBulgarian film producer Plastchim-T has recently acquired the largest BOPP film production line of the world, which has speeds of around 600m/min, a working width equivalent to 10.4m, and an output per hour of more than 7,600 kilo. Plastchim-T will have a total output of over 110,000 tons of BOPP films a year in future, which again makes it one of the most renowned packaging manufacturers of Europe.

Beyan Faik, Managing Director, said, “We strive to make our company fit for the next generation. This huge line bears enormous potential and is a perfect complement to our existing machinery park. We now have a broad portfolio of Brückner BOPP lines in working widths of 4.2m, 6.6m, 8.7m and soon 10.4m – with this equipment we will be able to react very flexibly to the markets’ fast changing demands and can offer various films grades in small or large lots, even on short notice.”

The expansion of Plastchim-T becomes a notable success within the film sector of Europe over past few years due to its flexibility blended with a wide film line, an efficient sales and service network, an advantageous site on the Black Sea coast and high-quality standards. A whole new building will be developed for the 10.4m line, which will provide potential perspectives for the years to follow. In response to participants’ high demands, new benchmarks will be set by the line and factory for material flow, operation costs, energy consumption, logistics, and efficiency.

Brückner Maschinenbau proudly announced Plastchim-T as its partner for this significant step. The latest line of Plastchim-T boasts of a new sliding chain track system, a high-speed machine direction orienter (MDO), a special winding concept for highest outputs and speeds, and a tailor-made surface treatment system. All its major components have the linear motor technology.


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