Brightmark Energy invests $47M to construct the nation’s first commercial-scale plastic-to-fuel plant in Indiana

plastic-to-fuel plantBrightmark Energy, a San Francisco-based renewable energy development company, invests $10 million in a groundbreaking plastics-to-fuel technology company, RES Polyflow and $47 million in the first commercial-scale plant in Indiana to utilize this technology. Brightmark has partnered with RES Polyflow to build a platform for developing future plastics-to-fuel projects.

RES Polyflow, based in Ohio, is an energy technology company that developed the process for converting plastics directly into transportation fuel and other products. RES Polyflow has innovated the plastics-to-fuel process for sustainably recycling the waste that has reached the end of its useful life – including items that cannot readily be recycled, like plastic film, flexible packing, and children’s toys – directly into useful products, like fuels and wax.

Bob Powell, President, and CEO of Brightmark Energy said, “This is a tremendous opportunity to combat a major environmental ill and create positive economic incentives in the process. We look forward to developing additional plastics conversion facilities both across the United States and globally over the next several years.”

“This sustainable technology directly addresses an acute problem facing the United States: more than 91% of the 34.5 million tons of plastic domestically produced each year is not recycled”, said, Zeina El-Azzi, Chief Development Officer, Brightmark Energy. He, added, “These products end up sitting in landfills for thousands of years or littering communities and waterways. We’re excited to help bring an economically viable solution to the marketplace.”

The new plant, to be located in Ashley, Indiana, will convert 100,000 tons of plastic waste into 18 million gallons of ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel and naphtha blend stocks and five million gallons of wax per year. The Ashley plant will also produce commercial grade waxes for sale to the industrial wax market.

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