Braskem develops new solution using Polyethylene-based resins for Wrap Films

Braskem Wrap FilmThe strategies of Braskem drive innovations that meet the needs of the clients and contribute to various sectors of the economy. Braskem has partnered with Extraplast to develop a new solution using polyethylene-based resins to make bale wrap which is a plastic film used to pack dry hay bales. These are used to feed dairy cows in feedlot operations and horses.

This new solution makes use of metallocene-based polyethylene (PE) with a layer that combines Flexus Cling products and the liquid resin PIB32. It gives the wrap superior puncture strength and resistance against the action of time. Also, it gives protection to the bales from air, humidity and light.

Another important thing is that, because of the structure of the resins used and the molecular orientation obtained from the cast process, the bale remains more compacted after applying the film. Its use facilitates the hay packing process and helps preserve it for longer, maintaining the product’s nutritional and flavor characteristics.

Cast process (extrusion model) is being used to make the new wraps. Cast process consumes less energy and enables productivity gains of up to 30% compared to the method used abroad.

Marcial Cesar Vieira, the application engineer at the company, says: “This was yet another project conducted in partnership with a client, in a strategy that has created various innovation fronts at Braskem. The product effectively expands our portfolio of products targeting the agriculture industry.”

He further added:  “Given the high product quality and the advantages of the production process obtained, we are even considering exporting the solution, in other words, the opposite of what occurs today.”

An added advantage of the new wrap is that it is made from polyethylene which makes it 100% recyclable.

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