Boy, GmbH to launch a new, large injection moulding machine in Fakuma 2018

Boy Injection Molding Machine

Dr. Boy GmbH & Co., headquartered in Germany, has showcased  a new, large injection moulding machine with the type designation BOY 125 E at the BOY booth 7101 in hall A7 celebrating its world premiere. Since then, Boy has expanded its product range with innovative features in the field of multi-component injection units. Boy has introduced many program sequences and interfaces and have developed four different injection units from SP 11 to SP 370 with a (theoretically) maximum stroke volume of up to 280 cm³.

Boy has designed a new machine with a clear width of 470 mm between the tie bars increasing it from the previous of 430 mm to meet the rising demand of its customers. Further, the maximum platen distance has now been standardized to a higher distance to 825 mm. This improvement in design provides more space, especially when using rotary plates. The new machine is now designed with a clamping force of 1250 Kn, which is 25% higher clamping force, an added advantage. The new Boy 125 E is designed on the tried-and-tested BOY concept.

Boy has developed a telescopic version of the LR 5 removal handling, which is compact linear handling, assembled on a BOY 35 E. This machine is particularly suitable for production sites with low ceilings. The machine is capable to reduce the vertical travel path to a minimum by the telescopic arm. Boy has achieved  ± 0.1 mm long-term positioning accuracy of the transfer/removal handling. BOY’s injection moulding machines are efficient due to automation, which includes the linear robots and a large number of individual Pickers and removal handlings.

The company has sold about 40,000 injection moulding machines worldwide in the last 50 years.

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