Borealis makes a new strategic alliance with Bockatech, UK, to develop foam injection moulding solutions for reusable and recyclable packaging

Borealis Recycling Packaging

Borealis, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, has made a new strategic alliance with Bockatech, a UK early stage Greentech and provider of EcoCore technology for sustainable packaging to advance the circular economy by developing low-cost, high performance, reusable, and recyclable foam injection moulding solutions.

The open-innovation collaboration will help the development of Bockatech’s technology, making the platform broad and enabling licensing to more manufacturing partners in a variety of markets for multiple applications.

The market demand for reusable and more easily recyclable replacement solutions is increasing due to the imposition of bans on single-use plastics, particularly in the food and beverage industries. Borealis and Bockatech have collaborated to meet this demand by combining Bockatech EcoCore technology with Borealis material grades to produce lightweight foam injection moulding solutions. Global use of the jointly developed solutions will be available through license.

Andreas Leitner, Borealis Head of New Business Development, said, “As strong advocates for the circular economy within our industry, we at Borealis are eager to partner with pioneering firms like Bockatech to develop polyolefins-based solutions that are reusable and recyclable. Combining our foam products with EcoCore technology to produce innovative, lightweight solutions is more than an exciting business opportunity: it’s a real step forward for more circularity in packaging.”

Chris Bocking, CEO and founder of Bockatech, commented, “We’re delighted to have found in Borealis a partner who shares our commitment to developing new solutions for innovative packaging with reduced environmental impact. Combining our EcoCore technology with Borealis materials and expertise in foam will produce viable new applications which offer significant benefits for businesses, consumers and the environment.”


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