BioLogiQ develops Marine Biodegradable Plastic using PBAT

Biologiq NuPlastiQ MB Marine BiodegradableBioLogiQ, Inc., a bioplastic resin manufacturer specializing in sustainable plastic products made from renewable resources, has developed NuPlastiQMB BioPolymer, produced by blending NuPlastiQ GP with PBAT (polybutylene adipate terephthalate).

The new product is marine biodegradable and biodegrades within one year, according to ASTM-D6691 Standard. The product has been tested by Eden Research Laboratory, whose results show 97% biodegradation of a GP/PBAT film in ocean water within a one-year period, according to ASTM-D6691 standards for marine biodegradability.

BioLogiQ’s NuPlastiQ GP is a 100% natural, renewably-resourced, plant-based general purpose BioPolymer resin. TUV Austria has certified it to marine biodegrade in 28 days. The product produced by mixing PBAT with NuPlastiQ GP, will also be biodegraded in marine environments.

“Our ability to produce a marine biodegradable film using a material that was previously not marine biodegradable is a huge technical accomplishment that can significantly reduce both plastic marine debris and the negative effects this debris can have in our oceans,” said, Brad LaPray, President, and Founder of BioLogiQ. He, added, “Given the current concern regarding plastics and ocean pollution, we are working on NuPlastiQ MB marine biodegradable formulations of NuPlastiQ GP with polyethylene and polypropylene. Our target applications are drink cups, straws, lids, and grocery sacks.”

BioLogiQ has produced the thermoplastic blend, called a BioBlend with higher modulus (strength) than many polyolefins. BioBlends can be used to make plastic items that are stronger than those made with pure polyolefins. The plastic products made with BioBlends have better chemical and mechanical properties from each of the base resin feedstocks.

According to LaPray, the ability for plastics to biodegrade in a marine environment is very new and unusual for which acceptable certification standards do not exist. BioLogiQ plans to develop new standards collaborating with industry and the government.

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