Global Polyurethane Market



Market DriverEmerging TrendChallengesCAGR
Ceskaa Market Research

- Increase in automotive; bedding and furniture; building and construction; packaging; electronics and footwear industry--6.9 % (2016 - 2021)
Mordor Intelligence
- Driven by cost-effectiveness and the adaptability of polyurethane foams in major end-user industry
- Growth in key end-user industries
- Demand for bio-based polyurethane- Strong competition from the fiberglass and polystyrene industries
- Environmental regulations
- Volatility in prices of raw materials
6.95% (2016 - 2021)
- Demand in bedding, cushioning, carpeting, construction and automotive industry-- volatility in crude oil prices, causing fluctuating prices of MDI and TDI7.5% (2015 - 2020)