Global Polycarbonate Market



Market DriverEmerging TrendChallengesCAGR
Zion Market Research

- Heavy consumption of polycarbonate in the automotive industry
- Demand from food and beverage packaging and the medical packaging application
- Polycarbonate helps to reduce the weight of vehicle which increases the fuel efficiency- Environmental issue5.8 % (2015 - 2020)
- Growing demand for Blu-Ray discs
- Growing demand from the automotive industry
-- Flooded with overcapacities6.3% (2015 - 2020)
Mordor Intelligence- Growth of electrical & electronics industry, growth of automotive & construction industries, abundant availability of shale gas reserves for natural gas production, etc-- Large capital requirements
- Availability of substitute products
- Stringent environmental regulations
6.4% (2016 - 2020)