BASF starts a new antioxidants production plant in Shanghai, China

BASF AntiOxidant Plant Shanghai

BASF has started production of new world-class antioxidants at the Shanghai plant with an annual capacity of 42,000 tons. Located at BASF’s base in the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, adjacent to BASF’s regional R&D center in Shanghai, the new facility provides technical support to polymer producers in the region.

Shanghai plant is mainly used in the plastics additive market to produce antioxidants and corresponding particulate form products and mixtures. A powder mixing unit, a liquid antioxidant production unit, and a pellet form production unit, are part of the first phase of the plant and are in production operation.

Markus Kamet, the executive board member of BASF Europe, said, “By this investment, BASF will strengthen its position as the world’s leading supplier of antioxidants. Asia is currently the world’s largest antioxidant market, and China is almost t accounts for 65% of the Asian market. We believe that the Chinese market will show attractive mid- and long-term growth.”

Stephan Kothrade, President of BASF’s Asia Pacific Region (Function Management) and President and Chairman of Greater China, said: “BASF is to become a leading chemical supplier to our customers. We hope to invest in China to build advanced production. The device is better able to predict and meet the needs of customers. We combine BASF’s unique expertise in the chemical industry with our customers’ strengths to develop solutions that combine economics and social responsibility.”

Antioxidants protect plastics in high-temperature processing environments due to the prevention of thermal oxidation, which causes a decrease in impact strength and elongation of the material, surface cracking and discoloration. Almost all polymeric materials undergo oxidative degradation at one or more stages of production, processing, and use.

BASF is the only supplier of plastic additive production sites in Asia, Europe, North America, and the Middle East.

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