BASF introduces Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) technology to improve and optimize production of shoe

BASF ElastollanBASF introduces an advanced grade of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) technology to improve and optimize production of shoe shanks and decorative shoe parts. BASF provides excellent mechanical properties, such as UV resistance. Parts are easily removed from the mold, by its new Elastollan TPU grade that enables greater design freedom for decorative shoe parts.

Manfred Pawlowski, Vice President, Consumer, Performance Materials Asia Pacific, BASF, said, “BASF has been providing a broad range of footwear material solutions for years. This new material helps address rising standards and reduce costs for shank production. We are already working closely with shoe brand owners and manufacturers to explore various high-performance footwear applications.”

A lower injection temperature of the new Ellastollan enables a shorter cycle time, stronger cold flexibility and easy demolding in shoe shank manufacturing resulting in a reduction in processing time by up to 30%, depending on the size and thickness of individual parts. This, in turn, reduces labor costs to a great extent.

The new grade, due to its rigidity, is an ideal material solution for sports and leisure products such as ski binders, which connect ski boots to the skis. BASF’s advanced material technology offers more options in design freedom for decorative shoe parts.

BASF serves four major industry sectors around the world that include transportation, construction, industrial applications, and consumer goods.  BASF’s Performance Materials division offers a strong portfolio of products and services associated with a strong ability for application-oriented system solutions. BASF’s strength lies in its close collaboration with customers, a clear focus on solutions and strong capabilities in R&D that help it to develop innovative products and applications.

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