Bandera’s blown film SmartFlex lines meets the market needs in the Flexible Packaging and Converting Sectors

Bandera SmartFlexCostruzioni Meccaniche Luigi Bandera SpA, is a worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing complete extrusion lines for packaging and converting. Bandera blown film SmartFlex lines have a high reputation with the customers for its answers to the market needs in the flexible packaging and converting sectors. Bandera has been /will be delivering 6 equipment of the SmartFlex Series to Italy, Poland (2), Ukraine, Mexico, and South Korea during the period June to December 2018.

SmartFlex line offers a number of advantages, for example, competitive level of investment, maximized flexibility, low power consumption, user-friendly line management with a functional and compact layout featuring frames modularity and “Made in Italy” – “Made in Bandera. The SmartFlex series can be configured either in 1, 3 or 5-layer films and 2 useful film-width sizes: 1600 and 2200. SmartFlex series have a wide range of applications in packaging film (food and non-food film), thermo-shrink film, lamination film, stretch-hood film and converting film (printing).

Bandera is now a worldwide leading company in the extrusion industry with 35000 extruders installed worldwide and is actively contributing to the plastics processing industry in Europe with a production capacity of 470000 tons of extruded polymers per day. Bandera is acknowledged as one of the leading companies in blown film extrusion and sheet extrusion in Italy and worldwide. With the recently renewed laboratory, EA – Extrusion Academy, Bandera oversees the whole process from research to industrial scale up. The company offers a tailor-made engineering service together with an after sales global network.

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