Bandera sells two twin lines of the Geo FutureFilm series in the U.S.A.

Bandera Geo FutureFilm Manufacturing Line

Costruzioni Meccaniche Luigi Bandera SpA, a world leader in designing and manufacturing complete extrusion lines for packaging and converting, has been selected by a new customer from the U.S.A. to set up a big project in the production of smooth and texturized geomembrane for water resources management industries.

The global demand for lines dedicated to the production of geomembrane systems for waterproofing industry is growing continuously. Bandera is a preferred name in this sector as a leading supplier.

An important American group, due to experience and competence of Bandera, decided to purchase, in a single package, two twin lines of the Geo FutureFilm series to produce geomembrane up to 8 m, mainly for applications in the oil industry and the environmental conservation. The choice in favor of Bandera has been for its reputation in innovation and after-sale technical service.

Bandera, as a strategy, constantly invests in new technologies, perfecting its machines regularly to make them perform better and advantageously. Also, an efficient customer-care service, assures the customer a constant closeness and immediate intervention in every issue, instead of implementing OEEE (Overall Extrusion Equipment Effectiveness ) procedures alone.

Bandera imparts an important training course for the American personnel in charge of the start-up, the management and the maintenance of the lines. The company imparted training on the lines in the tests room in the middle of November 2018 to 2 technical delegates of the group. A Bandera team of qualified engineers and sales managers showed them the Company reality and transferred the necessary know-how to get the right familiarity with the purchased lines, looking into all the aspects related to the processes and the various lines components.

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