Bandera brings in a new blown film line in the Asian market

Vietnam Blown Film LineBandera has supplied two flat- die extrusion lines to a Vietnamese customer. It’s a  PET-specific thermoforming plant and also extrusion machinery for PP PS. It has characteristics like low thickness and limited shrinkage.  Food packaging has been the main purpose of designing these two machineries.

The first two lines are a representation of Bandera achieved the milestone.  It also lays down the foundations for solid partnerships along with more projects to be completed in the approaching time.

Bandera has planned to deliver to a new Vietnamese customer with a 3-layer HDBFLEX line in this April 2019. This newly invented innovative plant is fully accessorized and is inclusive of an in line 4-colours flexographic printing system. This is particularly designed for the production of Heavy Duty Bags (FFS technology) giving a high output.

Bandera is considered to be at the apex in the Heavy Duty Bag sector. This is acknowledged by a few important Asian petrochemical companies as well.

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