Ascend to reach 220 Kilotons production capacity of its Adiponitrile (ADN) by 2022

PA66Ascend Performance Materials, the world’s largest fully integrated producer of nylon 6,6 resin, has planned to expand its ADN capacity to 220 kilotons by 2022 to meet growing demand. Having completed its first expansion of 50KT at the end of 2017 and an additional 40KT expansion to be completed by the end of 2018, Ascend Performance Materials has slated to add an additional 180KT by 2022.

Phil McDivitt, Ascend’s president and CEO, said, “We are committed to supporting the growth of the nylon 6,6 chain, globally. We have a proven track record of consistently increasing capacity throughout the chain as demand increased. With our latest fifth generation ADN technology, we are able to add capacity without extensive down time.”

The capital investment required for the expansion of the production capacity is yet to be disclosed by the company.

Ascend Performance Materials, headquartered in Houston, Texas, a global premium provider of high-quality plastics, fibers, and chemicals, is the world’s largest integrated producer of PA66 resin.

Ascend operates eight global locations, including five fully-integrated manufacturing facilities located in the southeastern United States. Ascend’s facilities are dedicated to the innovation and safe production of nylon 6,6. Three of the world’s largest chemical processing facilities of Ascend form the building blocks for products used in everyday applications from apparel to airbags, cable ties to circuit boards and carpets to car parts.

Ascend is committed to making a difference in the communities it serves and leads the development of nylon 6,6 solutions that inspire everyone, everywhere, every day.


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