Arkema receives award for a new Thermoplastic Resin Technology used in Wind Turbine Blades

Thermoplastics BladeArkema received an award at the JEC Asia in Seoul, Korea for the technology used in wind turbine blades. This reward recognizes Elium as one of the main disruptive technologies in the composites field creating new markets or transforming existing ones.

Professor Sung Kyu Ha, Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Hanyang University in Seoul and a world-renowned expert in composite structures and materials presented the award to Guillaume Cledat, Elium Business & Development Manager in charge of worldwide promotion of Elium, and Jay Jeon, General Manager of the Arkema Seoul Technical Center.

The new JEC award is a recognition of Arkema’s efforts in the development of innovative materials for use in wind turbine blades, which are parts of the clean energies equipment. Till now, all wind turbines installed in the world are made from thermoset composites, which are difficult to recycle. Elium, a new thermoplastic resin used to produce recyclable composites for wind turbine blades’s has been developed by the Arkema’s R&D teams. Industrial production of blades from Elium thermoplastic composites has already been established by the two key partners in the USA (IACMI) and France (Effiwind).

The main features of the Elium resin are energy and cost savings, as well as durability. Energy consumption is much lower as the molds do not need heating. The components of the blade can be assembled by welding and bonding at ambient temperature without heating. A composite part made from Elium is more durable than parts made from a thermoset composite.

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